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Twój Vincent

Directed by: Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman

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Movie poster Twój Vincent
Original title: Twój Vincent
Runtime: 94 min.
Production: Wlk. Brytania/Polska , 2017
Category: animation / biography / crime
Release Date: 6 October 2017
Distribution: Next Film

Directed by: Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman
Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson

On July 27, 1890, a slim figure walks in the dusky twilight through the streets of the French town of Auvers. The man has nothing on him; The hands press against the fresh gunshot wound, which bleeds from the blood. This is Vincent van Gogh - then little-known artist, today regarded as one of the greatest painters in the world. His tragic death has been known for a long time, but it is still unclear how and why a deadly shot has occurred. "Your Vincent" is telling this story - discovering the circumstances of the artist's mysterious death. Did he commit suicide? What happened 6 weeks after van Gogh's last letter, in which he wrote that he was fine and quite calm?

"Your Vincent" is the first full-length animation that captures audiences around the world. Each of the 65,000 frames of the film has been hand-painted, with over 125 professional painters from around the world participating in the project, who have revived the world of van Gogh paintings.

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