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Directed by: Roxann Dawson

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Movie poster Przypływ wiary
Original title: Breakthrough
Runtime: 116 min.

Directed by: Roxann Dawson
Cast: Chrissy Metz, Topher Grace, Mike Colter

Incredible but true story of motherly love that overcame unimaginable obstacles. When John Joyce's adopted son, John, falls into the icy water of a frozen lake in Missouri, everything seems lost. John is dead in a hospital, but Joyce does not give up. Her unwavering faith kidnaps everyone around you for praying for healing John, even though science is powerless and doctors give him no chance. Produced by DeVonn Franklin ("Miracles from Heaven") based on the script by Grant Nieporte ("Seven souls"), based on the book by Joyce Smith (published in Poland under the title "Impossible"), "The Tide of Faith" tells the triumph of faith, hope and love that deserves to be called a true miracle. Directed by: Roxann Dawson, starring: Chrissy Metz, Mike Colter, Topher Grace and Dennis Haysbert.

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