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Original title: Rio 2
Runtime: 101 min.

Directed by: Carlos Saldanha
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Leslie Mann, Jamie Foxx

In 2011, for release came "Rio" - colorful animation directed by Carlos Saldanhy, the creators of "Ice Age", who dreamed of to explain to the audience his hometown. He invented the story of a domesticated bird who travels to the color of Rio de Janeiro and experiencing a great adventure.

An important element of the film is the music, which does not allow to stand in the place - a blend of Brazilian sounds and contemporary pop. The soundtrack includes songs composed by Brazilian music star, Sergio Mendes, and the whole watch composer John Powell.

The first part of "Rio" earned almost five hundred million U.S. dollars, and became a worldwide hit. The second part of the life of Blu, and Juliet, who founded the family, have three children and live in Rio. Blu face his enemy Nigel and trying to establish friendly relations with the terrifying father-in.

Julia Blu and lead a happy life in Rio. They have three wonderful children - Bie, who loves to read and engaged in a dad, Tiago - the youngest of the young, who loves adventure and is a rascal and Carla - the oldest daughter who loves to sing and wants to be an artist.

Julia comes to the conclusion that children must learn to live like wild birds, therefore urges the family on an expedition to the Amazon. Friends Blu - Nico and Pedro Luiz-warn him of the dangers that lurk in the jungle. In turn, the optimist Rafael urges him on the trip, because a happy wife makes the husband is happy.

When the family goes to the jungle, meets Eduardo - the leader of the herd, which is guided by the iron rules, Mimi - Eduardo feisty sister who always says what he thinks, and Roberto - a charming bird that makes the Blu falls into complexes. The protagonist is worried that they do not adjust to the wild-living birds and lost family.

Meanwhile, Nigel is plotting a plot to take revenge on Blu. It helps him Gabi - charming, but poisonous frog who love to Nigel he goes to the worst deeds.

The director knew he wanted to return for the sequel. Reflecting on the story, he asked himself: "What if Blu and Juliet are not the last representatives of the genre?" That's why he decided to put his story in the jungle and show how the characters to find outside the big city.

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